Advance your career in tech.

We will guide you through coding and building real-world web applications (think Yelp, Netflix, Instagram) in 3 Months.

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What you'll be building

During the program you'll get more individual attention than an in-person bootcamp, through weekly, individual 1-on-1 coding mentor sessions and virtual office hours. The program is completely virtual, highly flexible and there's no need to quit your job or stop doing what you love.

Software as a Service.

Learn about building a SaaS products and integrating payment for recurring transactions.

Product 1
Product 2

API-powered apps

Build application that relies on external APIs such as Instagram API, GitHub REST API, etc.

Data Driven Application

Learn about building data driven applications by leveraging on existing data.

Product 3

Wait, there is a lot more.

Refresh the Fundamentals

Our mini refreshal course will bring you up to speed on what you the important terms you need to know.

Learn Laravel by Building Projects

Our Project Library teaches you the most important concepts while you're building full applications.

Learn APIs Integrations

Integrate your application with APIs. Know how to use new and exciting technologies like AWS and Filestack.

Fully Remote

There is no physical class. You get to work from anywhere you are and anytime of the day you're free.

Access to Work Opportunities

Land the promotion, join your dream company, or strike out on your own. We help you succeed in your career.

Become a Co-Founder Exclusive

Partner with talented and passionated entrepreneurs to accelerate the process of turning ideas into products.

Our Pricing

Our pricing is simple, and fair. We also give you the ability to pay monthly.

$180 / month

$500 / 3 months

Frequently asked questions

Answers to most common questions.

How can I apply for Prodsters?

To apply for the programp, you just need to complete and submit the Application Form. This is a rather quick process, that takes a few minutes. You will receive a notification after the selection process to let you know if you have been selected for the program.

Is there any preparatory work before the start of the program?

The only technical prerequisite to join the program is to knowledge of Laravel. Once you are selected, to help you kickstart your journey into product development and make sure you start at the same level as everyone else.

What is the selection process?

There are 2 stages in the selection process. One is an online coding test. Once your get selected after the test, we schedule a 15-minute interview to get to know you better. We will be looking at your motivation, but also your team spirit.

Do I need to relocate?

No need to quit your job, our program will fit into your schedule. Learn from anywhere, day or night. Theres no commute & no reason to relocate.