Connecting builders working on side projects together

We bring vetted teams together to work on projects that actually see the light of day.

How it Works

Prodsters is an invite-only platform that connects developers building or interested in side projects.

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We will match you with a vetted teammate that has the required skills for your project.

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Continue building your project. Turn your idea into a market ready product with your teammate


The most frequently asked questions

Who is prodsters for?

Prodsters is for developers who are currently working on a side project and might need an extra hand to build or manage their project

How much does it cost?

It cost a one-time fee of $50 to get matched with a project partner. Project partners are vetted by us through interviews before been matched.

What is a side project?

It is a project you start in your free time, next to your core business or full-time work.

What are the requirements?

Before applying to be matched with a project partner, you should already be working a project beyond the idea stage.

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An invite-only platform that connects vetted builders working on side projects together. We bring teams together to work on projects that actually see the light of day.

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