Affiliate Nation

Affiliate Nation

An affiliate management system that let's you track clicks and signups and assign them to the right affiliates with the option of reports and payouts.
Estimated Monthly Revenue
Affiliate Nation Affiliate Nation Affiliate Nation Affiliate Nation
In today’s business and ecommerce world, you need a powerful tool to increase your e-commerce value. Affiliate Nation is a professional PHP affiliate software which has features to build a professional network of webmasters selling your products, goodd, membership subscription, or services.

What makes this different?

This affiliate system is platform independent. It can work on any environment.PHP, Ruby on Rails, Nodejs, Python, .NET. You don’t need to include any script. Just call your affiliate installation api
This system can enable you run multiple websites affiliate system. You can use it to manage affiliates for multiple websites.,, and so on

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Currently have 86 sales of the product

How does it make money?

Our primary sales channel is through Codecanyon. We get 50% from each sale while the platform takes 50%